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What our Staff Says!

When I walk in and ears go up, tail wags start, and then you can see in their eyes how excited they are to see you! This is the best!

image01Christy | CEO & Founder

Something Else our Staff Says!

The best thing ever is the cat that meets me at the door with meows and rubs its body all over your legs and shoes; after being told the cat would hide and not be seen during our visits.

image01Justin | Team Lead

Another Yummy Tidbit our Staff Says!

Face licks! Face licks are definitely the very best part of this job. They make everything great!

image01Gennah | Senior Petcare Professional

What the Staff Says!

I love to spend my days outdoors. Doing this with dogs is even better. We talk while we walk, I love this.

image01Edith | Pet Care Professional

More from the Staff!

When I come in and the kitties immediately start talking to me, I love a good vocal kitty

image01Eddie | Senior Pet Care Professional

Another Kind word Says!

I get to be the highlight of every cat's day!

image01Tatiana | Pet Care Professional

Yet More from Our Staff

I love when I was into a house full of pets. A whole crew! So many tails and ears all excited to see you!

image01Jette | Pet Care Professional

The Team

Making the Team

Each applicant is fully vetted prior to hiring...

Each new hire has been fully vetted including a background check with driving records. We repeat this check every other year during their tenure.

Each must successfully complete our rigorous training ...

We have a longer highly intensive training period than other services in this area. Training includes both theory and practical portions with the owner conducting both. We prepare each staff for their position with comprehensive knowledge on health, handling practices,  and home safety.

We work hard to provide for their satisfaction ...

Because pets love consistency, and part of that is seeing the same familiar face; and the hiring and training process is so intense, we want our employees to stay with us long term, benefiting all of you!

The Team


Christy C

8 years of Service

A love of companion pets turned into her career a little more than 8 years ago. Born and raised in NOVA she grew up with dogs, birds, pocket pets, fish and a rabbit!

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Eddie C

Senior Pet Care Professional
7 years of Service

Has always been a cat person at heart. But overcoming a well earned fear of dogs, and getting his first doggo 10 years ago, he now has a soft spot for the barking kind.

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Edith H

Pet Care Proffessional
3 years of Service

Bouncing between NOVA and Mexico throughout the year,  she uses her nuturing instincts either with her pets Gringo and Amarillo or when coaching youth girl's soccer.

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Gennah T

Pet Care Professional
1 year of service

Baron and White; two domestic short haires cats and Luna the Jack Russell mix, round out Gennah's crew!  She loves spending time playing with the kitties and taking Luna on walks.

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Jette H

Pet Care Professional

She came to the NOVA are from the midwest last year. With her was her Springer Spaniel, Pepper and cat named Blue.  She enjoying playing with Blue and teaching Pepper tricks!

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Justin S

Senior Team Lead
6 years of service

His first pet was a Bichon Frise named Charity.  Next was a cocker spaniel, Lucy. Then were numerous pocket pets and fish.  Currently he has  long haired and always hungry kitty name Tyson.

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Tatiana S

Pet Care Professional
1 year

With a mixed breed cutie pie doggo named Bob and an uber playful cat named Betsy, this full time student's schedule only has room for your pets! Which is gladly full of visits with them!

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