Pet Taxi Lockout The Unleashed Pet in Alexandria VA
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To view our service area click here!
To view our service area click here!
To view our service area click here!
To view our service area click here!

Pet Taxi & Lock Out Service

Let us taxi your pets to the groomers, vet or other local locations.

When you need help getting your pet where they need to go when they need go, schedule our pet taxi service.  We will pick up your dog and get them there on time.  This service requires advance booking, local travel only.  Travel outside of our service area considered on a case by case basis.  Your pet's safety is our first priority.  They will be in a crash tested car harness in the rear seat.

$35.00 per hour rate $25.00 minimum fee

We can let you in, when you get locked out.

If you find yourself outside needing in, we can help. Our lock out service will bring a key to your home when needed. Lock out service is based on availability.

Business hours - 9am - 4pm After Hours - 4pm -10pm, 8am -9am Wee Hours 10pm - 8am
$40.00 (3-4pm $50.00) $75.00 $125.00


Our Edge...

With each walk you get a SPOTCheck email from your walker. It contains a GPS location verification, an arrival and departure time stamp, description of the visit including basic behaviors and anything out of the norm, photos of your pet.  All sent to your inbox!

Our Staff...

Our staff receive gold standard training, including fear free handling and positive reinforcement. We utilize doorway management and other safety best practices while your pet is in our charge. We will give them a head to tail once over and get them where they need to go on time.


We have GPS redundancy providing 3 verification methods; for the safety of your home, pet, our staff as well as transparency of service.

Service Area...

Check to see if you are in our service area.

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